Different Types of Kratom | Vendor Comparisons

Manufacturer Keys

Benni’s Botanicals = BB

The Golden Monk = TGM


Kratom for Euphoria – Personal Experience Testing

(Overall) Red – Sedating

Red Maeng Da (TGM) – First batch of Red Maeng Da from TGM gave Euphoria.  The second batch was sedating

Red Maeng Da (BB) – First batch from Benni’s was even more sedating than the second batch from TGM

Red Bali (BB) – Seems extremely light for any Red, or green for that matter.

Red Borneo (BB) – Seems extremely light for any Red, or green for that matter.

(Overall) Green – Mix of Red and White effects, but it is not a blend. It is its own leaf

(1 InRotation – Best) Green Maeng Da (TGM) – Slight Euphoria but not as good as the first batch of TGM Red Maeng Da (Tolerance may have also built up as this is 3-4 months later).  Does not make me drowsy.  The Green Maeng Da from TGM seems stronger than Benni’s.

(2 InRotation – OK) Green Malay (TGM) –  Seems to give a greater buzz than Green Maeng Da from TGM and Bennis.  Gave a wobbly feeling, may be taken too much.

(3 InRotation – Best) Green Vietnam (BB) –  Nice Strength

(4 InRotation – Low) Super Green (BB) – Not so super. Seems a little mild.

(Overall) White – Highest in energy

White Maeng Da- (From TGM) No euphoria. Energy and Headache. Strongest White of all. White – Energy Blend, Gives me a headache.  Maybe taking too large of a dose

White Borneo – (From TGM) Milder then White Maeng Da (Both were purchased from TGM)

Super white Kali – (From BB) Mild, might be milder than White Borneo from TGM

Super white Indo – (From BB) Wife says it gives a headache. Advise starting in smaller amounts

White Tambora – (From BB) Wife says it gives high amounts of euphoria. Advise starting in smaller amounts

(Overall) Yellow Is not its own leaf

(Possible Rotation) Super Yellow (BB) –  Lighter than green, maybe more energy. A better version of white.

(Overall) Gold Is not its own leaf

Bali Gold (BB) –  Not sure. Didn’t seem stimulating or drowsy.

Sources Information

Red –

Red Maeng Da-

Green –

Green Maeng Da – A mix between red and white.

White – Energy

Yellow – Unique Drying process, long-lasting euphoria – closer to white and milder than green

Yellow Sumatra– Euphoric and stimulating, great mood enhancer

Yellow Borneo– Euphoric and stimulating, relief from discomfort

Yellow Malay– Relief from discomfort, stimulating, energetic

Yellow Bali– Uses white and green Bali kratom leaves, offers a balance between the deep relief of Rad Bali kratom and the energizing White Bali kratom

Yellow Vietnam– The strongest strain of yellow kratom- euphoric, stimulating, focus


Gold – Red leaf with white vain.

What to do if You take too much Kratom

If you feel like you have taken an overdose of kratom then try some of the following:

  • Drink Water – Drink large amounts of water
  • Eat food – Naturally kills the Kratom buzz.
  • Take some CBD – Works well if you take white and experience a headache.
  • Massage – Massage your neck and if you feel like it, your shoulders.

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